Cellular phone subscription plans

We all have cellular phones as long as we are adults. Having a phone is however not enough. You need to top up your line before you can connect with anybody. Different people might go for different subscription plans but it is essential to know all the types of plans that are available in the market. Ave a look!

  1. Pay as you go plan
    We will start by describing this plan because it is the most rarely used plan but which is very important. This is a plan that you take for a cellular phone that you would want to use only when there is an emergency. You can buy a given number of minutes which you only will have to pay for the days you use the phone. Such subscription is common with families where children who are not allowed to own phones are left home.
  2. Prepaid plan
    Prepaid is most common with people who only top up when they need to use credit. It refers to the subscription where you pay before you use it. There is no limit for the use of this since you can use as much airtime as you can pay. You are not limited since if you don’t have airtime, you will not use the service.
  3. Postpaid plan
    Last but not least is the postpaid plan. It is a plan whereby you use airtime then pay for it at a later date. The date is agreeable with most service providers. In most cases, however, you will only be allowed one month unless you have become a loyal customer to the service provider. Also, the postpaid plan gives you a limit of what you should be spending of which if you happen to exceed, you might have to pay more as you wait for the date of subscription renewal.